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Website News August 2023

This website will close on 23.10.2023.
The email address kat@kf-events.ch will also close on the same date.

New email address if you wish to keep contact with me is valid from now: kf.brunate@outlook.com

Personal message from Kat
Dear dancers,
The cycles of life continue to turn, and in September is my 77th birthday. I want to keep my fires glowing, and I’m looking for simplicity and ease in my elder years. So now it’s time to adapt the structures of my life to fit with current reality and the way ahead.  

I will teach 2 more classes in Switzerland this year. This will be the ending of a cycle which began in 2011. Wonderful years! I now continue teaching with weekly classes for the pensioners club in my village in Italy. For this joyful activity, the website is no longer needed 😊.

This website went online in autumn 2007, and has played an important part in building the rich and strong field of Movement Medicine we now enjoy in Switzerland.  Many thanks to webmaster Mark Zurbuchen for his dedicated work over the years. Many thanks to all of you who have participated in many different ways, and have shown up on the dance floor. We all dance on!!!

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