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Your personal details are only for use by the workshop organisers and teacher, and will not be supplied to anyone else.
At the end of this booking form, there is a box for you to tick, if you give permission for the School of Movement Medicine to use your contact details to let you know about Movement Medicine events, by e mail and by post.
You can request your removal from the SoMM contact list at any time, by clicking "unsubscribe" on the emails you receive, or by sending an email to "Roland Wilkinson"


After you register online, you will receive an OK message immediately. If you don’t receive this, it means your registration failed; try again! Your booking becomes valid after you have paid the non-returnable deposit.

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If you are unable to submit your registration, please send me a regular E-Mail movementmedicinebasel@gmx.ch message and provide all the necessary booking information.