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Kat Forrester Events

Katriona Forrester
Thunstrasse 110
3700 Spiez
Tel. (+41) 033 676 2708

Kat warmly thanks all the following people who have contributed to creating this website:

Markus Zurbuchen
Markus Zurbuchen Consulting (www.mzc.ch)
Schulstrasse 21
CH-3714 Wengi b. Frutigen

Flyer design:
Ed Price (UK)  designbyprice@gmail.com
Rosie Perks (UK) rosie@strawberry-design.co.uk

Translation and proof reading texts and website, in English and German 
Kristin Glenewinkel kristin.glenewinkel@gmx.ch

Translation of texts for German flyers
Ursula Haas  ursula@tanznetzbasel.ch

Workshop interpreters:
Anveshi Botschen dbotschen@mac.com     
Kristin Glenewinkel kristin.glenewinkel@gmx.ch
Zoë Binetti iwordi@yahoo.com

Landscape Lake of Brienz: Markus Zurbuchen (CH) mz@mzc.ch
Dancing Feet from Zero Zone ongoing group, Devon UK 2007:
Kia Lucas (UK) (commissions taken) kialucas@hotmail.co.uk
View of Thunersee from Kat’s window: Eline Kieft Juily 2008 ekieft@gmail.com
Kat portrait: Francesca Ribolini Oct. 2008 fran.ribolini@hotmail.com
Altars from Kat’s Sunday classes in Basel: altar designs and photos by Kristin Glenewinkel  movementmedicinebasel@gmx.ch

Dancers: thanks to all of you who come from far and wide to dance at the workshops - without you, none of this would be happening!

Text: Katriona Forrester

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