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Kat Forrester organises Movement Medicine workshops in Switzerland for the School of Movement Medicine (UK). The teachers are the directors of the school, Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan, and faculty member Christian de Sousa.

MOVEMENT MEDICINE is a contemporary, transformational movement meditation practice designed to awaken, free and release your natural energy, and support you to embody and manifest your potential. You can drop in and learn a few skills in a class or a weekend or you can take the Movement Medicine path towards self-mastery and making your unique contribution to the world. MOVEMENT MEDICINE involves working with 4 Elements, 5 Dimensions of Awareness, & 9 Gateways to the soul. For more details of the curriculum, see the website www.schoolofmovementmedicine.com

For other MOVEMENT MEDICINE websites in various countries, see Links page.

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